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How to sew a LED on the WEARIC textile?

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How to start with the LED textile

Before you get started with fancy flashing LED activities we first have to roll up our sleeves and get some sewing work done! But don’t worry you do not need your grandma for it. Do it!
For easier understanding we also made up a short video on what you need to take care of when you sew them:


• Silver Yarn
• Needle
• WEARIC LED textile incl 2 LED


First of all take a needle, the LEDs, the textile and the conductive yarn.
The only thing which could go wrong is that you are placing them the wrong way round. Therefore please make sure that you place the “+” sign on the LED on the “+” sign on the textile. And this it is! You can start to easily sew the LED onto the textile. Make sure you are going to make several stitches that the LED is connected properly with the conductive yarns inside the textile. To reach this make sure that you are always putting the needle through the stitched plate underneath the LED.
Finally when both LED are sewed on the textile plug the textile on the WEARIC Extension board, programme your nano for example with this tutorial and let it Shine :-). Make it!