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Do it! Make it! Wear it!

The history of textiles especially in Vorarlberg (small and nice valley in Austria near the Lake of Constance) is very unique. The globalisation forced the textile industry to change their expertise to survive. That is why they are now dedicated to technical textiles which is unique of this kind, worldwide.

Our vision is to create a better understanding of Smart Textiles for daily usage. To transfer basic knowledge about how to work with technical textiles and make it accessible for everyone and supporting everyday live.

This is the reason why our interdisciplinary team hooked up together and created the world’s first “do it yourself” Kit with textile sensors. Plug and Play – an Arduino Nano connected to smart textiles. Nothing stands in the way of your innovative ideas – from the heated sock to the weight-measuring office chair. There are no limits for your creativity. Just follow our concept: Do it! Make it! Wear it!

Our Products

Our Smart Textiles Kits are unique as they give the opportunity to make projects with smart textiles in combination with several sensors – e.g. sensors for pressure, wetness, heating, push-buttons and LEDs. A great variety for cool projects with Arduino nano.

With WEARIC products a new world of sensors will be discovered, as smart textiles offer more than someone imagines. Our products are made for “Makers” to have fun with textiles. Just Plug and Play!


You want to know more about smart textiles and sensors? You want to understand about the electronic components for your smart textiles projects? Get know-how how to get started and see what is possible!