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Textile Push-buttons

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About Textile Push-buttons

A push button is a switch mechanism which automatically jumps back to its starting position after pushing it. It distinguishes between normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC).

A very simple principle to form a textile button (NO) is to use two conductive areas and separate them with a spacer material. It is important that the spacer material have a big mesh size or holes in it to ensure the shortcut of the two areas when the spacer material gets pushed. As electrically conductive areas e.g. carbon coated and metalized fabrics can be used or a grid out of conductive yarn is stitched/embroidered. A big difference between electronic and textile buttons is the bouncing. Therefore it is important to always debounce textile push buttons to get a clear state at the DIO

The textile push button is included in the Smart Textiles Kit and Smart Textiles Kit with nano controller.


Applications: smart home, wearables, chairs, occupancy, collision detection, security alert